Billy Talent lighting it up across Canada!

Despite scheduling troubles with the charter bus that severely curtailed any preshow engagement plans, the wounding of one of our key mosh pit lieutenants early in Moneen's set, and a ride home through the worst blizzard of the year, WE Rocked! From generating interest and excitement at the Hard Rock Cafe, turning heads as we paraded down to the show, and getting 200 plus names on our $10 minimum wage petition. At the show we made lots of friends and turned on a ton of other concert goers to our cause, MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!. is here, and we are going to make some noise!!!!!!

Billly Talent set to Light Up Toronto!

And is bringing gasoline to the ACC!

Billy Talent @ The ACC

As most of Canada has shivered through the late, but bitter arrival of winter this January, Billy Talent, the nations current wunderkinds of punk, and three of the hardest rockin bands going, have been heating it up from Victoria to North Bay. On Friday, February 2nd they will bring this years best indoor party to Toronto along with a strong message of social justice, solidarity and peace, to engage the young fans who will flood Toronto that day. That's why and it's activist army will be invading downtown Toronto with force and colours flying all day! We'll be there harnessing the energy of all those idealistic young people and getting them to sign our petition on the 10$ minimum wage, teaching them that getting your fist in the air isn't just for concerts anymore. If you are going to Billy, find us, join the Mosh Pit Army, and wave the new flag ....UNION!